Eilyn Cueto’s Drive as a Design Specialist

Eilyn Cueto

When she was a kid growing up in Miami, Eilyn Cueto was already really into the concept of design, although she didn’t realize it at the time. Back then, she would go with her father to the Home Depot and she would talk him into buying her the materials needed to paint her room. She would even fib and tell him her mother had agreed to let her, and he usually gave in. Eilyn now understands that was the root of her commitment to interior design. She also understands that passion is what guides everything in her life.

When they returned home, she would lock herself in her room, where she would paint it the color she wanted. She would also rearrange everything. It became a pattern she would repeat every few months as she was growing up, such was her passion for design and her understanding of its important. These days, when Eilyn Cueto says her commitment to the field of design started very young, she is not kidding. Of course, Eilyn did many things before she was supposed to, like when she graduated high school at the age of 16.

There is a downside to graduating so soon, though, because Eilyn Cueto had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Who does at age 16? That is how she landed in Costa Rica for a while. She decided she wanted to travel and figure things out, so she went to college there and learned all about architecture and interior design. She spent a lot of time searching for an up-and-coming designer to learn from, until she realized, that she was exactly what she was looking for. Eilyn Cueto discovered her fresh design vision while in college and working as a freelance designer under the tutelage and supervision of a licensed architect.

The Design Career of Eilyn Cueto

Eilyn Cueto

Eilyn Cueto started her commitment to the field of design at a very young age. She was born and raised in Miami, where her father would take her to the local hardware store. While there, she would convince him that her mother had allowed her to buy paint, so that she could paint her bedroom. Once home, she would lock her bedroom door, paint the room and then put everything back in a new and different way. She tended to do this about 3-4 times per year, and she now realizes that is where her passion for design originated.

She graduated high school when she was just 16, but the fact is, at the time Eilyn Cueto had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Part of her – the practical side of her personality – thought she should become a lawyer, but her heart wasn’t in it, so she decided to travel for awhile, so she could figure out what she wanted to do. She fell in love with Costa Rica and spent almost 6 years there, studying architecture and interior design.

More than anything Eilyn Cueto has come to believe that passion guides the soul, which is why she landed in Costa Rica for so long and why she worked there for so long. She spent time looking for an up-and-coming designer, until she realized she had become exactly that. Eilyn began to discover her fresh design vision while still in college, as she worked as a freelance designer under the tutelage and supervision of a licensed architect. From that platform, she was able to design and build numerous public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, markets and many more.

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